Solenoid Augment Technologies

Reduce your cost of quoting.
Scale and Expand your bespoke offerings with guided configuration.
Because everyone wants something unique and expects to get it now!

Our Mission

To empower our customers; giving them a smart, remote selling platform that enables them to build websites and online stores to display, configure and sell bespoke products and share quotes through the supply chain. ​ ​

Bespoke Product Configuration

An efficient CPQ is at the heart of delivering bespoke quotes in real-time, again and again, with ease, while dramatically cutting the cost to quote. ‌ ‌Infinitely configurable, with speed to quote, means you will be the first choice of your customers.

Distribution Management Module

‌When speed-to-quote means everything, enable your customers to log in and quickly generate their own bespoke quote with guided configuration. ‌ ‌As a bespoke manufacturer you can empower your trade customers to shine in their customers' eyes.

Webstore Development

Clever integration to your webstore takes the customer journey from product configuration through to selection and purchase with ease. Capture interest, configure the bespoke product, share with selling channels and enable the selection and purchase, all on one platform. ‌ ‌Design and build elegant websites using blocks and templates or give your creative side "wings" and freeform to your design.

Integrated by Design

Internal and external sales channels leverage the same set of capabilities with appropriate pricing, visibility and guided configurations. ‌ ‌Automatically convert complete and accurate quotes to orders and dynamically generate the bill of materials as well as the manufacturing requirements and pass the order through to accounts.

Solenoid Augment Technologies

Save >2% of annual revenue through cost cutting and increased efficiency 

provided by our SaaS suite of products that generate quick quotes, 

calculate accurate bill of materials and provide a remote selling portal. 

 Automation, accuracy, compliance and audit all taken care of.

Infinitely faster delivery of quotes that will win you more customers.

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