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Our newly launched and unique development, the Qotbild™ CPQ app brings a whole new dynamic to the efficiency of the sales workforce, using a robust algorithm built upon analysis of various product hierarchies, price bands and bespoke calculations created exclusively to each business user.

Saving hours of time, Qotbild™ can automatically manage the quotations process, providing customers with a fast, efficient and tailored service, improving customer experience and innovating the capacity of your sales team producing accurate configured price quotes on demand.

Created on the foundations of our top selling Customeriser App, the Solenoid team have developed this innovative and technologically advanced app with the benefit of understanding how functionality can deliver profound business benefits.

Solenoid CPQ software has the functionality to integrate smoothly into all your existing systems, providing an immediate boost to your capacity, flexibility and productivity. 

Drive Your Sales Innovation

Ideally suited to clients providing multiple quotations and managing custom pricing and throughout the e-commerce market, Qotbild™ has already been rolled out throughout the manufacturing and wholesale industries, resulting in implementation in markets spanning lighting, fabrics, fabrication and food products with extraordinary results. 

Qotbild™ works by leveraging the Exact API to generate both sales and shop orders, with the ability to create unique inventory items with precise Bills of Material. Enabling SMEs to integrate sales, production and stock control processes, the Qotbild™ App provides companies producing custom goods with a force to elevate their business potential. 

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