We understand the unique character and function of every business, and that to drive successful trade there is no 'one size fits all'. Odoo specialises in providing software solutions which can be fully customised, and are adaptable to cope with the rigour of every operational challenge. 

The Odoo 'On-Premise' offer has an outstanding capability to allow customisation with powerful functionality. Being the most popular business software in the world with over 3.7 million users is testament to how outstanding these solutions are, and the contribution they make to enhancing commercial productivity. 

With the flexibility to manage businesses of any size, Odoo is used extensively by startup companies with single users, through to large organisations with over 300,000 - so whatever your size of enterprise, Odoo can customise an ERP that is just right for you. 

Should you wish to see Odoo in action and analyse the benefits it could bring to your organisation, please contact us.

The Solenoid team would be delighted to organise a detailed demonstration and to discuss how Odoo could integrate with your current systems. 



your bespoke erp

In addition to a tremendous flexibility to customise, Odoo provides business software for SMEs designed to allow flex and scale alongside your commercial growth. As your needs and requirements change, the functionality allows apps to be added one at a time, according to the demands of your customer base.  

Odoo offers 30 main applications, which are continuously upgraded to provide optimum performance. With a community of over 1,500 active members, users have so far contributed to an additional 16,000+ apps, covering a wide spectrum of business functions. 


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