Exact Online

One of Europe’s leading accountancy and CRM solutions for SMEs in the accountancy, manufacturing, professional services and wholesale arena, the performance and reliability has led to Exact Online being currently in use by 200,000+ companies and growing.

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Solenoid Solutions

Our POD and iWMS Apps were designed to enable businesses to enhance their supply chain, analysing ways to improve the functionality and efficiency of supply chains to increase cost efficiencies and maximise returns.

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Qotbild™ App

A platform specifically design for the omni-channel sales team, the Qotbild™ App will change the way your sales function works forever! Qotbild™ is a sales streamlining tool ideal for the wholesale and manufacturing marketplaces, which uses innovative technology to expedite the quotation process, saving sales teams time to focus on lead generation and customer satisfaction.

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solenoid SOLUTIONS

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Solenoid is proud to offer a range of innovative software, each with unique applications designed to support different sectors of SME trading.

Should you need guidance about which solutions will best benefit your business, please get in touch and we would be delighted to discuss how Solenoid can integrate into your current systems without downtime and set your team on the path to a dynamic future.